lunes, 18 de abril de 2011


Carlos Ruiz Zafon it's a spanish writer borned in Barcelona in 1964. I readed all his books cause his literature completely fascinate me

Today I write about him because I want than rest of people that love read like me enjoy his fantastic books
He writed loads but I will talk u a little bit about my  favourite, you dont will have problems for read it because both are translated to 40 languages..

The book is named  The Angel's Name

Argument :   

David Martin is the protagonist of the history that happen in the cold and dark Barcelona of 1900
He is a boy that had a difficult life, left for his mother raised for his drunk and violent father..
when David see than his father die just the world of the literature will keep David stading
David work in a newspaper office but his dream is become a writer,helped for Pedro Vidal a friend of the office David will start to write misteryous historys..but he should be writing for the newspaper and dont have many time for write a really good book..
One day a weird men offer to David a fortune for write a book..but only with the ideas of the weird men..
finally David accept write this book...but..the truth is that without know David is selling his soul..
who is this weird men ??    Read The Angel's Game ^^

Here u can see some photos of the old Barcelona than the writer Carlos Ruiz Zafon use to promote the book
The nice Barcelona of today is very different to the old Barcelona..poor..violente in all streets..dark..

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